Anti-Mosquito for Windows 10


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Welcome to Anti-Mosquito - a software that will drive the mosquitoes away fast. This application is simple to use and effective. There is no need for any external devices.

When you launch the application and download chosen tone - playing a tone seems that nothing is happening - don't worry, that is normal. This tones produces ultrasonic waves at a frequency, chosen between 8 kHz and 22 kHz, that can't be heard by the most humans, but is repellent for the mosquitos. This is how the application works to get them out.

Over 3,500 species of mosquitoes have already been registered from various parts of the world. Some mosquitoes that bite humans routinely act as vectors for a number of infectious diseases affecting millions of people per year. Others, that do not routinely bite humans - are the vectors for animal diseases.

That's the reason why you must test a frequency and find out which of the given repellers drives away your insects. Some sounds may work on some mosquitos, but may not on the others.

It is recommended to increase the volume of your device, as high as possible, and choose the best frequency for your geographic region.

Warning! Please do not use this application close to your ears. This might harm your hearing.